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BABY MOST HAVE'S ( Bath Time Edition )

One of our favorite things to do with our babies is to give them baths. Of course some of them may not be big fans at first, but I just love their soft, clean skin after baths and how good they smell when it’s over. Plus they usually give extra cuddles after, which is a big bonus! And whether they like it or not, bath time is a great bonding time with your baby. Mason loves baths, he play with the water splashing everything around playing with his bath toys is a most.

First: Baby Bath Tub or a Bath Mat: If nobody’s told you this before, babies are tiny when you bring them home from the hospital. And you for sure can’t just stick them in the giant bath tub and expect it to be safe or easy. So one thing we always use for our babies (at least until they have been sitting for a few months) is a baby bath tub. Not only is it safer for your baby, but it makes bathing them a lot easier. Once our babies get older and are very stable sitting (as in they’ve been sitting for a few months), I like to have a bath mat in the bottom of the tub. Tubs are slippery, and wet baby skin is slippery, so having a mat to prevent slipping really makes a big different, the one I use is from one of my favorite brands ( Fisher Price )

Baby Shampoo and Lotion:Newborns have very sensitive skin, so you want to use gentle soap, shampoo, and lotion on their delicate skin. One brand I love is Babyganics, They use all natural ingredients ( Organic ) and are made with sensitive-skinned babies in mind, which is important no matter what kind of skin your baby has. Definitely make sure you have some gentle soap, shampoo, and lotion on hand for bath time!

Washcloth/Sponge: Having a washcloth or a small sponge with little scrubbers on it is really helpful when bathing your baby. Babies get messy, especially at meal time, and if that mess is dried all over their face or stuck in their hair, you’re going to need something a little more than just your hands to scrub it out! A washcloth or a sponge with scrubber bristles will really make a difference!

Toys: Having a few good toys for the bath makes bath time a lot more fun for baby and for you, too. Of course you won’t need them when your baby is a newborn, but as your baby grows, you’ll want to invest in a few toys made specifically for the bath. We love squishy toys, little ducks, zoo animals ect..

Last Products is a Hooded Towel: I always use hooded towels with Mason, and I think it makes a difference in keeping them warm and snuggled after bath time. Plus it stays on a lot easier than a regular towel! And there are such cute patterns and designs out there, too, so you can get special ones for each of your kids, my favorite one is from Ikea, its big and it have really fun colors, I keep one for the house and one for the beach. I also use other ones that I got from babys r us, buy buy baby and ect.