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October Is Here

As I write my blog wearing a hydrating mask and drinking some Rosé, I'll talk about how happy I'm feeling just because we just entered the Holidays season, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays ever and the other is Christmas of cause but we are here to talk about fun activity's to do with your kids this month, down bellow are all my awesome/ fun Ideas.

The first Idea is probably one of my favorite 

Pumpkin Patch: Taking your kids to a pumpkin patch is so fun, you get to spend time with your family and kids and also you get to buy a pumpkin to craft at home for decor with your babies. I cant wait to take Mason to his first Pumpkin Patch, I bet he will love it. 

Halloween Movies Marathon: As you all know this is the season for some Halloween movies, so go to your best website and download every movie for Halloween that you can find, some for family time and some for adults, for me it's so fun to watch movies with the whole family and your kids like Halloween Town, The Hunted Mansion ect.. So grab your popcorn and candy's  because your nights are about to be awesome.

 Go To Parks: Here in Florida we have a lot of fun parks to go like the House Of Horror in Miami and ect.. it doesn't really have to be a park like the house of horror, It can just be a normal park to just take your kids and have fun like having a picnic or any other ideas that you guys have when you go to park's 

and this is it you have 3 awesome ideas of what to do this month. Hope you guys enjoy.