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First Blog of 2018

Hey guys so this is the first of many blogs that are coming this 2018, Its time for a fresh start full of positive mind and active days is a new year full of new chances to do everything you always wanted to do, so take advantage of it. Here we go with the blog of the day.......

One of the biggest challenges I find working from home each week is staying focused and ‘on task’. and now that I'm also taking online classes, This can be difficult when there are all kinds of distractions near by (Hello, super comfy bed and kitchen full of yummy snack food, I’m talking to you). So, I often find myself heading straight to Starbucks as soon as I wake up and get ready each morning. Something about being out of the house and around other creatives working from Starbucks instantly gives me that burst of focus that I need!

As soon as I get there, I order my coffee and set up my laptop. Another little ritual that I routinely do as I’m logging in to my computer is grab my hand lotion from my bag. I’m a bit of a nut about over hand washing so I’m constantly applying lotion wherever I go and Starbucks is no different.

A beautiful collaboration for this winter season…

One of my very favorite hand creams that I always carry with me is the super emollient and amazing smelling Shea Butter Apricot from L’Occitane. Because my hands tend to be on the drier side, I love how rich and and moisturizing this formula is.

Something else I’m a fan of? Is that its the number one best selling Shea Butter Collection and given it a new look for the winter season.

Thanks for reading today! I’d love to know your favorite tips for staying focused and productive during the work week as well as home schooling! Sometimes, it’s the quirkiest things that shift our minds into focus, right? Ha! I’m all for doing whatever works!

** Thank you to L’Occitane for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions shared here on the blog are genuinely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.