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I Work for the best store in the whole World ( Did some Shopping )

So you guys often ask me, Hey Jen you just do blogs for a living or something else as well? My answer is Yes I do blogs for a living as well as working for the best store in the world aka Bath and Body Works. Why do I referred Bath & Body

Works as the best store? because It is and I know a lot of you agree with me, Who doesn't love candles and body care products ? lol . One thing that I love the most from the store is the Aromatherapy Products they have Body care as well as Candles, how cool it is to have a Candle that matches your body care product how cool is that huh?

Today's blog is about my favorite products from Bath and Body Works and also a new favorite which is also new at the stores, and here we go......


This body Cream is Ultra-rich, non-greasy body cream deeply nourishes skin with protective 24-hour moisture, conditioning Vitamin E & shea butter. An aromatherapy blend of essential oils soothes body, mind & mood. Breathe deeply for best results.

Body Lotion

Ultra-creamy, fast-absorbing body lotion with nourishing shea butter & Vitamin E is formulated to give skin long-lasting moisture. An aromatherapy blend of natural ingredients & essential oils benefits body, mind & mood.

Body Wash & Foam Bath

This fast-foaming body wash is infused with soothing skin conditioners, aloe & bamboo extract. This 3 Products I like to use when Im taking my daily naps , Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind. Spearmint Essential Oil soothes & uplifts


Body Lotion and Body Wash & Foam Bath. This 3 products I love to use every night, First I take a shower with my Sleep Body Wash and then I apply the Cream and Lotion to my skin, I also use the pillow mist which is not shown in the photo for better sleep. Lavender Essential Oil inspires tranquility. Cedarwood Essential Oil helps calm the mind.

FOCUS - EUCALYPTUS & TEA Body Cream, Body Lotion, Body Wash & Foam Bath, Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind. Tea Extract increases focus. I love to us this 3 every time I get my me time and read a book or I have to put up a blog as well as when I have classes.

ENERGY - ORANGE & GINGER Body Cream, Body Lotion and Body Wash & Foam Bath, I like to use this 3 products every morning when I wake up it just gives you a boost for the day, Orange Essential Oil invigorates & uplifts. Ginger Essential Oil energizes your senses.

Now that we are done talking about my 4 daily products, I'll like to talk about this new amazing edition from Bath and Body Works The Face Masks Amazing or what?

Bath and Body works came out with 6 amazing face sheet masks witch there names and info are listed down below

COOL AS A CUCUMBER Trade your dry winter woes for skin that glows! Put your freshest face forward with this light and cooling mask, infused with cucumber & aloe extracts.

LOVE YOU BERRY MUCH Super fruit berry complex comes to the rescue giving your face a super-vibrant glow.

SEA YOU SOON The sea minerals & hyaluronic acid in this refreshing face mask will leave you thinking

Oooh, that's cooling!

IF YOU SHEA SO Your face will feel smooth as butter. Shea butter, that is. Bonus points for soothing jojoba oil!

TOTALLY TEA-RIFFIC Your face will feel tea-riffic thanks to tea tree oil and licorice root extract.

KEEP IT FRUITY Freshen your face with the fruity goodness of papaya & invigorating tea extracts.

Aren't this names the cutes ? you just need to apply chosen mask to dry, clean face for 10-15 minutes. Remove mask and massage excess product into skin. also if you thinking on getting them hurry up and go to your closest Bath and Body works cause now they have a 2 for $5 especial for a limited time.

Lats product I'm going to be talking about is my favorite candle Yes The Stress Relief is my favorite candle.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil