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Update On Skincare Routine

Hello again!

I'm here with a updated skincare routine for everyone who has been wondering what I use and how I keep my skin mostly "pimple" free. i say mostly because some times I do get some here and there, that usually happens after my periods and when I get a really bad sunburn on my face. which coincidentally both happened at the same time. anyways... we all have those times where our little friends come out. even though I'm not the kind to get many pimples, I do sometimes and to keep my face from getting any more I like to wash my face in the morning with the origins checks and balances frothy face wash as well as the simple face wash, yes I use 2 type of face wash some times I use one at night and the other in the morning the reason why I do this is because I don't want my skin to adapt to just one product because when It does that then your skin will reject any other that you may use . After the face wash I go ahead and apply the origins ginzing spf 40 energy-boosting tinted moisturizer to have on the whole day if i'm either staying home or going out to do anything.

my skin isn't oily or dry, its a combination so this helps balance it out and not get it irritated. I didn't know what I was buying at first but my friend who also does my facials is specialized in that and helped me out with what best goes for my skin. but when shopping for your skin products just always read what its best for and what its recommended for. for example these products that I use and listed are for normal, oily, and dry skin. so it works for basically anyone. also the reason why I chose origins was because they're organic and I've heard great things about them and so far for me its been going great. I wanted to do a post on it earlier but really wanted to make sure I liked the product and did my skin any good. clearly it did because I'm here writing about it.

something else I want to add is that I don't put as much makeup so it does some good to my skin. I also wear a foundation, a primer and a tint to give me color all at the same time so its so easy and more convenient for me, since I hate putting on makeup, this is the primer I use from Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid tinted primer in the color medium 1. I love it so much it makes me golden and seems like I have no makeup on. might seem really dark when applying but blend it out and it'll blend it really nicely with your skin tone.

there you have it, my skin routine! and one thing i don't do that is great for your skin, is to drink a lot of water! do that and it'll be so much better for your skin. I need to do it more often. stay tuned for more posts coming your way very soon!

xoxo, Jen