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When Toddlers Get Sick

Tell me what’s worse than a child being sick? I can only imagine multiple kids being sick at the same time… and then add yourself to the mix. Entire family? Ugh, no! A couple of days back, Mase and I both woke up feeling under the weather. I had a scratchy throat and fever and Mase was congested and with fever as well. Not ideal when you are all traveling with family in a couple days. So, I put everything down and it became my mission to get him better as soon as possible. Instead of sharing this on social media, I decided to make note of everything I was doing and the success rate later that evening/next morning.

  • Vitamin C and Fluids. Oscar ran to the store to get medicine and orange juice, while I grabbed the last orange in the fridge and immediately cut it up for breakfast. He had a couple bites and then denied the rest. Oh, toddlers. 30 minutes later, he took one sip of orange juice and said, “I don’t like it.” Typical. his clearly not a big fan of oranges. I then took advantage of my juicer and made him a green juice to drink. The ingredients: spinach, apple, lemon, cucumber, carrot, celery.

  • Medicine. Every 4 hours we give Mason Hylands for Kids Cold and Cough (they also have it for babies too).

  • We put a humidifier in the room when he naps and sleeps.

  • Wash his bedding. To get rid of all the germs that he was putting on his bed the night before, he can now nap in a clean room and bed.

  • In the morning, I put him in the bath with some lavender oil and let his nose clear.

  • Have boogie wipes on hand for when the nose runs and sneezes happen.

  • At night I did a steam shower with a little lavender oil and it cleared him up so well before bed.

  • Keep them cozy and inside. You don’t want to spread the germs and get anyone else (especially other kids) sick. Pajamas all day if they are into it!

  • Chicken noodle soup for lunch. This isn’t a must but it is soothing for their throat and Mase ate multiple bowls when he didn’t seem like he had much of an appetite.

  • I was taking his temperature and observing him. So one thing to do is, if it seems like he/she is really upset and in pain, see your doctor so you can rule out RSV or other sicknesses.

  • Let the schedule go. I really wanted Mason to relax and get better, so I put on a few movies in bed and kept telling him to drink his juice/water.

Other options you can try (but we didn’t do) :

  • Saline spray and Nose Frida : Mase absolutely refused this yesterday… which is why we did extra steam showers and lavender oil to get his nose clear.

  • Raise the mattress. We did this when Mason had RSV at 6 months, and you could do it with your toddler… but Mase moves around his bed too much and his pillow was help enough with raising his head.