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Squeezamals are WHAT?

Hey guys Happy Friday! Here we are yet with another blog and this one is a fun fun one for your kids. Some of you mommies out there have being asking me what are Squeezamals, well they are super adorable stuffed animals that smells deliciously good and you mommies will be obsess with them. Every now and then Mason receives a package from Beverly Hills teddy bears they are the creators of Squeezamals, Mase has the two lates collections and every time a new one comes out we get a package in the mail and he is just obsessed with them, now of cause we share with my little sister AKA Mase auntie Jade. They are both obsessed with them from playing at home to taking them with us everywhere we go. You can find them at Target, Walmart , their online store on amazon and just about anywhere but I will leave you guys the amazon link down below so you guy can check them out. The smell is just amazing and the colors are the cutes and they are very colorful but they are for every gender which is great!. Down below you can see for your self cause YES they are the CUTES STUFFED ANIMALS I HAVE EVER SEEN.!