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We are Going on Staycation (Video Details)

Happy 1st of July, I hope the best for you guys. Stating a new month today means new beginnings, new opportunities to become the best version of you and feel happy and joyful. Enjoy every second of it, change the things that makes you feel depressed and sad and do more of what sets your soul on fire.

Now lest start with todays blog, 4 of July is 2 days away and we are goin on staycation with the whole family to spend half a week at the beach, Mason is so excited and so am I and we can't wait for Wednesday, now you guys know that Wednesday is on my blog schedule so yes a blog will go up that day. I will also be vlogging the entire staycation time so stay tune for that.

Have you guys seen my Youtube Video yet ? if you haven't I will link it down below so you guys can go and show some support to your girl AKA me :) . I did a summer look/ Pride month video and it came out better than I expected to be, my Youtube schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays so yes tomorrow you can be expecting a video from me ( Yayyy).

Here are the photos of the look I created for the video .