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Bohemian Home Decor

If you know me you know I love a good home decor, my go to has always being the perfect mix of bohemian, farm house with a little bit of modern touch to it. But now we are here for my bohemian decor lovers. This blog is easy and simple I am providing you guys some ideas to decorate your home or redecorate to make it feel beautiful and cozy with my bohemian picks, but first I want to explain you guys a little bit about the bohemian home decor.

When you hear the word "boho," if your mind immediately jumps to the perfectly undone (yet totally done) rooms inside an Anthropologie catalog, you wouldn't be wrong. But you also wouldn't have the whole picture. Bohemian design is something that everyone thinks they know like the back of their hand, and while you're probably right about what, exactly, it looks like, there's a lot about the design's backstory that most people aren't so familiar with.

You can walk into just about any home store these days and find elements of or an entire section devoted to bohemian-style decor. It's become pretty mainstream and super easy to execute, meaning, the design style pops up everywhere from your favorite cafe to your favorite clothing store. Hell, even your 7-year-old niece probably has boho style nailed at this point. But it definitely did not start as something so conventional.

Bohemian design is generally inspired by those who lead a free-spirited, norm-defying life, like travelers, writers, artists, etc. "What we now understand as 'bohemianism' from a design perspective emerged from early nineteenth century France, when artists moved into the lower-rent Romani (gypsy) areas of Paris, in order to seek alternatives to bourgeois expectations. This convergence of cultures gave rise to a kind of vagabond lifestyle, where the pursuit of wealth was abandoned in the search for a creative life and alternative ideals of beauty.

Down below I provide you with some of my favorite designs for you to incorporate to your home and give it that amazing Boho vibe to it.