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Mason's and Mom Updated Favorites

Hey guys, it has being a minute since I wrote my last blog. I am very excited to be back. Everyone has being asking me why have I being so absent in all my social accounts and the reason is we have being moving, we relocated from Miami to another caunty in Florida which I am not yet going to mention lol so yes my life has been a little crazy this past months with moving and the covid-19 situation. I am slowly getting back to my regular schedule so I decided why not start by writing my blogs. In todays topic we are going to be talking about our latest favorite toddler products/ brand. Find out more below.

There has being a new baby/toddler brand going around for a couple of months now called Hello Bello, I found them like 2 months ago and I fell in love with it. I have being using the products on Mason for about a month and a half and we are absolutely obsessed with it. They have a variety of babies and toddler products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions, diapers, wipes and so much more. What I love the most is that they are all natural plant based organic brand and you guys know how much I love organic/ plant based

products. I always try to keep this household as far from chemicals and bad ingredients as possible, not only do their products are amazing but also their packaging and design are the cutest. You can purchase a bundle in their website and you can also find them at Walmart, they are affordable and at the same time one of the best baby/toddler products I have ever used. Mason is obsessed with their diapers and bubble bath liquid soap, their diapers got the cutest colors and designs, the bubble bath liquid soap makes endless bubbles to have a fun bath time with a lot of creativity and play time. As a mom I rate this brand a 20 out of 10 because of their amazing products and their long lasting diapers.

You can check out Hello Bello at www.hellobello.com

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